Sunday, January 9, 2011

We're Back (and moving)!

After a very long hiatus, I'm getting back on the blogging bandwagon. For a variety of reasons, I'm moving the blog off of Blogger (lack of development support, limited customization options are a few of the reasons).

I'm also renaming it to something less esoteric - please join me over at Politics in Purple ( At PiP my goal is to get past the false choices and empty arguments you see on TV and actually try to get at some of the real issues and choices we face. While I'm still very much liberal in my views, I don't want to be boxed into "liberal"/blue or "conservative"/red labels. Mainly, I don't care that much about the labels, I just want to focus on real problems and get to solutions that work, so I can go back to worrying about other parts of my life. :-)

Please join me and update your bookmarks. Thanks to all of my readers and I hope to hear from you some more!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Does Mayor Nickels have absolutely zero pull in Olympia?

I've been processing the fact that out of the $300+ million dollars in stimulus money that Washington money is receiving for transportation projects, exactly zero of those dollars are allocated to Seattle. At all. For anything.

Forget bridge repair. Or the viaduct. Or the Mercer street changes. How is it that the single largest city in Washington state is getting none of these dollars for any improvements or repairs?

Nickels seemed to do a lot of huffing and puffing about being left out and not being able to depend on any of these dollars for any projects, but I can't tell if Gregoire and Nickels have some kind of feud going on, or the Seattle delegation to Olympia have no influence, or what is going on, but this does seem very strange.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas as to what is going on here?

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Credit Crisis explained visually

I really have to give credit to Facebook for this one, some friends of mine found this and shared it, and I think it's the best way to explain what happened and how we got here (even better than my earlier attempts to explain it).

It's a 10 minute video that walks through who the players are, how things got out of control, and why we are now in a credit crisis. Check it out, it's a great piece of work.

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Some great info on the current banking crisis

This American Life on NPR ran a great episode explaining the current banking crisis: how we got here, and why it is we are stuck talking about bailing out the banks rather than just letting them fail. The explanation is in plain language, and explains the basics really well. Be sure to check it out.

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Gary Locke is a great pick for Commerce secretary

As someone who moved to Washington state while Locke was governor, I think he is a great pick for Commerce secretary by Obama (way better than Richardson, actually). Locke is a true wonk, a focused administrator who is knowledgable and enjoys working on the details and not needing to be in the limelight. His experience with being governor of Washington state, a very trade-dependent state, will be a big plus for him as Commerce secretary. Nice choice by Obama.

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